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Pacific Circumstances was the second album recorded by ScienceNV, released in 2010. Recording began in late 2007, although two tracks (Morning Jump and Billy Burrough's Brain) were a part of their performance set from the previous year. In contrast to their previous album, three new pieces were written collaboratively over the three-year period: H1NV7, Conflicted, and The OURoborus Variations. Two tracks are second installments to ideas established in their previous album: Firstly, Danse Macabre, a romantic piece originally composed by Camille Saint-Saens, was reduced from his 1872 orchestral score; previously, ScienceNV had recorded Bolero. Secondly, Devil in Witches' Toes is an obvious sequel to Devil in Witches' Hands. And of course a soundscape resulted from the recording sessions, Quadrapole. Yummy!

    Read the band's Production Notes they released with this album.

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