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Last Album Before the End of Time is now available to earthings!

"If you don't have any Science Envy, maybe you should get some."
               --ancient Venusian proverb

It's true, the boys were having marathon late-night recording sessions, eating pork rinds and slaving away at musical oddities for their third album. We all know the 2012 winter solstice brought some chilling realities to the Mayan DNA in all of us! Obviously ScienceNV didn't finish their work before December 21, 2012; good thing we dodged that pesky apocolypse. The better news: the entire album was recorded, mixed and mastered in hi-def audio, bringing some very nice music to the finished CD. Audiophiles rejoice! CDs are available on CD Baby.

The band released Production Notes along with the album, with sordid excuses of why it took three years to complete. And... videos for Titan and Cold Sleep were created. Free on Spotify:


This album was recorded, mixed and mastered in hi-def! If you've ever wondered how much better a CD sounds, well, gosh, this is the album you should seriously consider for your ultimate hi-fi experience. And -- just for fun -- "single" versions of The Ring Cycle are included on the CD. It's available via CDbaby!

        pc oroborus rln classical 

If you download some tracks, please consider donating a buck or two...
this was a lot of work!